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Washing and Cleaning Your Paint Brushes and Rollers

Pain brushes and roller brushes tend to get messy after a tedious task, such as interior house painting in Prospect, CT. You can’t wash all paints from your paintbrushes and rollers with a bar of standard soap and water. So, to get the most out of your painting tools, it pays to know how to wash them and avoid damaging them over time. Follow these steps for washing paint brushes for the best results:

Pick a suitable solvent

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No specific solvent can clean all kinds of paint from all brushes. But you can know what to use for the one you’ve used by looking at the manufacturer’s directions. Generally, you can wash oil-based and lacquer paints with regular paint thinner or a mineral spirit. Meanwhile, Shellac paint works best with denatured alcohol or ammonia. And finally, you can clean water-based paint with regular soap and water.

Use a clean container than washing paint down your sink.

Besides possibly clogging your plumbing system, washing paint down your sink can harm the environment. After all, it contains several harmful chemicals dangerous to natural elements. So, washing your paintbrushes in a dedicated container filled with the solvent is best. It lets you minimize your waste while cleaning the brush thoroughly.

Agitate the paint out of your paintbrush

Dip your paintbrush into the solvent and follow a brushing motion to agitate the remaining paint from its bristles. Never twist or press down on the strands, as it can damage the paintbrush.

Wash until squeaky clean

Wash your paintbrush until the solvent comes out squeaky clean. Be sure to do it well, as the smallest amount of paint can lead to hardened paintbrushes. 


Once your paintbrush is clean, remove the excess paint by pressing a paper towel downward and letting the water out gently. It should be 100% clear. And once it’s clean, leave your paintbrush to air dry.

Should You Clean Paint Rollers or Throw Them Away?

Since you know you can clean and reuse paintbrushes, you may wonder if you can do the same with paint rollers. Generally, you can reuse paint rollers, but unlike brushes, they need a thorough cleaning. Nevertheless, it helps achieve smoother paint application.

Follow this step-by-step guide to wash your paint rollers the right way:

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Roll in the cleaning solution.

Add the solvent for the kind of paint you’re using into an empty roller pan, and roll your roller in the solution to loosen it up. Wear gloves to protect your hands if using harsher chemicals such as ammonia. Also, beware of splashes that may hurt your skin or ruin your clothing.

Scrub until the solvent disappears.

After rolling as much paint from your rollers, pop them off their handles so you can continue massaging the remaining bits with your gloved hands.

Use a putty knife to dislodge the remaining paint.

Stuck paint can become crusty when it gets in between your rollers and their handles. Using a putty knife, you can dislodge this in chunks before they harden. With this, you can enjoy a smoother roll next time!

Dry them on a string or dowel.

To dry your paint rollers evenly, place them on a string or dowel to have all parts dry up. It’s best to do this instead of laying the rollers down on one side or letting them stand on one end.

Place in a dust-free cabinet.

Dusty rollers can lead to unnecessary dirt in your next paint job. So, to avoid this, keep them in a clean and dry storage container to have them ready when needed.

Skip Cleaning Your Paint Brush and Hire a Local Expert

Most homeowners don’t have the necessary cleaning solutions, meaning you’ll need to make a trip to the store. Aside from that, you’ll also need to spare time to clean your painting tools. And finally, you’ll look for a place to store them safely — wasting more of your time. So, you might be looking at a set of dirty and rigid brushes or rollers and thinking, “there should be a better way to do this.”

Instead of doing all those and making it more of a hassle for yourself, let the service experts at Prospect House Painting Pros do the nitty gritty for you! Let them beautify your home with a much-needed cleanup and added fresh coat of paint. We offer exterior and Interior house painting in Prospect, CT, improving your home inside — and out! Without our help, you’ll be able to get the look you want without doing anything. To start your house improvement project, give us a call or schedule an online consultation and get an estimate today!