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10 Ways to Make Use of Leftover Paint

No matter how well you’ve calculated the amount of paint you’d need for a painting project, it’s still highly likely that you’ll have a bunch of remaining paints. Leftover paint may not be something to worry about, but it can take up enough space in your storage. You have plenty of other items to store in its place, so you should get rid of them. But how can you get rid of your leftover paint? You can use it for other painting projects or give it to others who might need it.

Below are some specific ways you can make use of your leftover paint, according to painting contractors in Prospect, CT

1. Recycle the Paint

Connecticut has a paint stewardship law that allows for collecting and recycling used paint and its containers. Painting contractors advise those with leftover paint to hand it over to the local recycling center. They’ll mix the paint and resell it for a fraction of the cost. You can further help their initiative by buying one of those recycled paints for your house painting project.

2. Mix It With New Paint

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Did you know you can mix your leftover paint to create a unique color? As long as they’re the same type and finish, you can combine them – you’ll be surprised by how the amalgamation of those leftover paints would turn out. Mix them in a separate container for best results to ensure evenness and smooth consistency.

3. Get It Retinted

If you have an existing leftover house base, you can add an extra tint by doing it yourself or letting your local paint shop do it for you. Remember that you can only get your leftover paint retinted up to a certain threshold. And since you’ve customized your paint, you cannot return it to the paint store you bought it anymore.

4. Use It to Paint Floor Cloths

One way to exercise your creativity and use the extra paint you’ve stored from your previous interior painting project is to make a DIY floorcloth. This project is ideal, especially if you have a bunch of leftover paint with different colors. You can use your custom floor cloth to add a bit of personality to your kitchens, hallways, and even your bedrooms!

5. Use It as Base Coat

You can use your leftover paint as a base coat if you need a base coat for a new house painting project; as long as it’s water-based and has a lighter color than your top coat, this effort is possible. Conversely, this won’t work if your leftover paint is darker than your new top coat.

6. Post It on Facebook

Can’t think of any project where you can put your leftover paint to good use? Post it on Facebook and let your friends and family know you have excess paint in storage. They might have a painting project in mind but don’t have enough paint to finish it.

Who knows?

7. Freecycle It

Much like posting your leftover paint on Facebook, you can also post it on websites like Freecycle. You can find people who can make good use of your excess paint. Not only that, you’ve given it away for free – that’s a good deed!

8. Use It for Small Painting Projects

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Still can’t think of any project you can use your leftover paint? Why not paint your mailbox, a tree house, or your fence? This effort is purely experimental, so don’t hesitate to have fun and get creative!

9. Make Artworks

If you’re fond of painting (the artistic kind), you can use your leftover paint and make yourself an artwork. If you need more tools, you can quickly go to a local art shop and grab some paint brushes and a canvas, and you’re good to go!

10. Save It for Touch Ups

This suggestion is arguably the most obvious, and people are likelier to do this than any other suggestion. If you think your existing paint may get damaged in the future, you can store your leftover paint somewhere cool and dry. If your walls or surfaces get chipped off or scratched, you can easily do a touch-up since you still have the same paint color stored somewhere.

If all else fails, learn how to dispose of leftover paint properly. Never throw paint in sewers and drainages! If you genuinely want to avoid having leftover paint, you can hire a painting contractor in Prospect, CT. Companies like Prospect House Painting Pros will not only use the right amount of color, but they can also provide you with a satisfactory paint job.